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Exploding Color Targets 32 Pack (27x SUPER and 5x EXTREME Targets)

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Color Blast Targets®  exploding color targets are a fun, inexpensive way to spice up your days at the range. Each exploding shooting target is composed of a specially designed and hand-made capsule filled with powder that bursts when shot, giving you an incredible new way to visualize your marksmanship.  Simply peel the adhesive on the back and stick to paper, steel, cardboard, or wood.This variety pack includes:

EXTREME Exploding Targets (3.5"x3")

EXTREME Exploding targets can be shot up to 5x each.

SUPER Exploding Targets (2.5"x2")

SUPER Exploding targets can be shot up to 3x each.

Get up to 110+ explosions per box!

This box of targets is designed to last you ALL DAY at the range.

Note: Color combinations may vary per order.